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Panpalz, a social connecting app, provides an escape from conventional social feeds, offering a platform to discover and nurture meaningful human connections. It focuses on fostering genuine relationships in a world increasingly dominated by social media.

Project Overview



In today's world, boosted by social media, genuine connections are harder to come by, making it challenging to find sincere friendships and authentic people.

Solution:Panpalz Nurturing Genuine Human Connections in a Disconnected World

Panpalz provides a unique solution for authentic human connections, fostering limitless friendship 24/7.

Panpalz global community is dedicated to offering support, understanding, and value, bridging gaps and building lasting friendships across time zones.


UI/UX Designer


4 months


Figma / Photoshop


Unlock your potential, earn your badges, and wear your achievements proudly.

The badges feature is crafted to highlight your accomplishments and milestones, injecting an enjoyable and rewarding dimension into your overall user experience.

Design Process: Exploring Famous Personalities & connecting Traits to Parrot Typology for Badge Achievement

Conducted research on understanding the characteristics of famous personalities and relating them to parrot typology, to find similarities or connections between the unique qualities of famous people and the specific traits that define different types of parrots and then assigning the task for achieving the badges. 

Exploring Renowned Personalities from Shark Tank

Design Sketches of Badges Layout 

Crafted diverse designs and layout options for badges, providing a range of creative choices.

Gamifying Excellence: Elevating User Interaction with Rewarding Badge Elements

Badges were created with the idea of gamification in mind, enhancing user interaction by incorporating game-like elements. The intent is to make the user experience more engaging and enjoyable, turning tasks or achievements into a rewarding and interactive process through the use of badges.

 Evan, I Earned Mark Badge  

Wohhoo Congratulations!!

Task Accomplished: Explore Your Earned Badges in the Discovered Section for Insightful Recognition.

When users complete a task, they earn a badge showcased in the discovered section, providing users with additional information about their accomplishments.

Let's learn more about badges

Unveiling Additional Badges from Discovered Categaries

Revealing new badges within the discovered categories involves introducing fresh accomplishments and achievements for users to explore.

Hi,I am Evan

Hello! I am Jack

Hi,there I am Jeff

Hi Barbara,I am Reid

Hello, I am Barbara

Unveiling Uncompleted Tasks: Discover Targets and Navigate Toward Achievements with Undiscovered Badges.

Incomplete tasks are featured in the undiscovered category. Clicking an undiscovered badge reveals associated targets and provides a button for easy access to the nearing goals.

Kevin let's start exploring undiscovered badges

Sure, Mark! Let's start donating to Panpalz

Hello, I am Robert 

Hi, Lori I am Daymond

Hi, there I am Lori 

Hi Robert,I am Mark 


Additional features in the app designed to enhance social connectivity and accessibility.

Simplified Access: Effortless Log-In & Registration Features in Panpalz

Simplified Access: Panpalz ensures an effortless user experience with streamlined log-in and registration features. Our app prioritizes ease of use, allowing users to seamlessly join our community and connect with others without unnecessary complexities.

Sure Jeff, let's catchup

1. Connect and Flourish: Unleashing the 'Make        Friends' Feature

Empowering Connections: Key Features Enhancing Social Connectivity

Friendship Insights: 'Make Friends' Feature allows you to delve into detailed profiles, discover shared likes, and seamlessly add connections to your friend list. It's a personalized way to get to know others better and foster meaningful connections within  community.

Jenny, Let's be Friends ?

2. Express Yourself: The Venting Feature

The app provides a dedicated space for users to openly share their thoughts, feelings, and frustrations with their connections. This feature encourages a supportive environment where users can vent, seek understanding, and connect with others who may relate to their experiences. It's a valuable outlet for emotional expression, fostering a sense of community and empathy within the app.


3.Soulful Confessions: A Unique Feature for Sharing your inner Thoughts

This Unique Feature Share thoughts that disappear, giving a therapeutic release and promoting forgetfulness. This unique element helps express feelings and contributes to mental well-being.


4.Bonding Connections: The Companionship Feature

I would love to talk to you .

ohh! Mee too

The Companionship Feature in  app is a dedicated space designed to foster genuine relationships. Users connect, engage in meaningful conversations, and share experiences to build lasting connections. It goes beyond a feature—it's a platform where individuals come together, creating a supportive environment for companionship to thrive.

Things I learned during the process

 As a UX designer, I learned about user behavior, preferences, and interaction patterns. Additionally, I gained insights into optimizing the user journey, improving accessibility, and refining the overall user experience

User Feedback

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