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I am always 

​Weaving innovation into every pixel

Hello! I am  based in the  San Francisco Bay Area.

In my journey as a product designer, I've crafted a diverse suite of products, spanning from e-commerce platforms and marketplaces to gamified learning apps and influencer marketing tools.Additionally, I've delved into the exciting realms of collaboration apps and AR/VR experiences.


My expertise extends from developing AI-based applications to establishing design systems and delivering end-to-end product solutions.

What sets me apart ?

Product designer + Architect = Innovative Fusion

What makes me unique as a product designer who shifted from architecture is my ability to blend creativity with practicality. Working as Senior Design Architect where I led 60+ design projects, I bring a deep understanding of spatial design and aesthetics, which allows me to create products that not only look good but also function well in real-life scenarios . With my past experiences I have learned to tackle design problems from new angles, creating innovative and user-friendly solutions.

What employers say about me

I have done work for

My Story


Designing AI and AR/VR based Applications

 Univenture studios | | Think round 

While working with these startups I've learned to adapt quickly. Startups move fast, so I've learned to be flexible and open to change. I have also understood the importance of collaboration as startups thrive on teamwork.


Working with Startups and Organizations 

Panpalz | Catch a fire 

After relocating from India, I decided to support several startups and non-profits to immerse myself in the culture and gain valuable experience in the USA. Through this experience, I've also learned to be resourceful, finding creative solutions with limited resources.

Upscaling my skills 

UC Santa cruz | Google Course in UX Specialization | IDF

When I switched from architecture to product design, I focused on improving my skills. In the constantly changing field of design, I made sure to enhance my abilities by regularly studying with leading universities and programs.



Senior Design Architect for Physical world


As a senior design architect, overseeing multiple projects and leading a team of 3 architects and 2  engineers, I've honed my ability to understand and meet client needs, collaborate effectively with engineers, and ensure successful

on-site execution. Additionally, navigating government regulations has taught me the importance of attention to detail, working with time and budget constraints. Overall, these experiences have shaped me into a well-rounded professional ready to tackle complex challenges.

Guiding Future Architects: Solving Design Problems with User Needs in Mind

During my journey as Architecture Juror, I had the chance to mentor and evaluate over 50+ architecture students. I guided them in solving design problems and finding the best solutions, emphasizing the importance of designing for the users' needs.

Architecture Jury Member 


 Bridging Architecture to Product Design

Mumbai University 

I sucessfully completed my bachelors in architecture I gained a strong understanding of spatial design, aesthetics, and user-centric principles. I also got good at problem-solving abilities, attention to detail, and proficiency in various design  2D & 3D software. This makes me versatile and quick to learn new software. Overall, my education equips me the skills sets that can be applied to designing products effectively. 

Award-Winning Journey: Recognized for Design Excellence and Problem-Solving Skills

On my journey, I was awarded 2 gold medals for Best Design and received multiple Academic Excellence awards for my outstanding performance in designing and solving design problems.



A Journey from Family Roots to Designing Excellence

I was lucky to be born into a family of Architects and Engineers. Designing runs in our blood – from my grandfather to my younger brother, everyone is involved in the field of designing. As a child, I grew up surrounded by designs and models crafted by my grandfather. I often joined him and my father on site visits, learning from their expertise firsthand. Watching my grandfather solve design problems sparked my own interest in becoming a designer. Since then, designing has been a part of me, driving me to create better solution for users. 

While I am not Designing, I am Exploring the world and finding inspiration in every corner.

 Serving People

Hiking & Photography 

Painting & Resin Art 

Creative Content

I have effectively conveyed powerful and impactful thoughts  through the medium of illustrations. These visual representations have allowed me to express thoughts, concepts, and emotions in a dynamic and vivid manner.

 Software used : Adobe Photoshop


"In India, we don't bid farewell; instead, we say 'welcome back again!' With gratitude, I extend my hands to welcome future meetings and collaborations with you."

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