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Redesigning H&M winter Collection

The initiative to redesign the H&M website with a focus on enhancing user interactivity during online shopping as it is an essential step to create a more engaging and seamless experience.


The website lacks interactivity and is monotonous, hindering user engagement and failing to provide an engaging online experience.

Earlier Design


Elevating Your Online Wardrobe:

Where Every spin is a Stylish Adventure!

`Take a spin - Clothing Carousel` for new winter arrivals designed in Figma. 

This winter collection would be based on user's shopping history and recommendation algorithms, which will engage the H&M users to find new unique styles easily!!


final interactive.png

Enhancing Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty

This approach caters  evolving needs and expectations of online shoppers, ultimately increasing user satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Experience it now 

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