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Interio Vista 

Now Design your home with AR technology 

Interio vista app is an e-commerce AR app that allows the users to design their space and visualize products in their real environment before making a purchase.

Project Overview


People struggle to visualize how products will appear in physical spaces before purchasing, often leading to dissatisfaction upon their real-world encounter. This dissatisfaction contributes to product returns, resulting in a waste of both time and money.


Developing an e-commerce design tool that utilizes AR technology, enabling individuals to independently design their spaces and effortlessly purchase the corresponding products, minimizing both time and cost wastage

Project Goal

To empower users to visualize the spaces they are designing and assist them in the design process using AR technology


Product Designer


6 weeks


Figma / Photoshop

Navigating the Demands & Challenges through Market Research

The process of designing a home is very demanding and challenging, as it is a crucial stage that is responsible for making your vision a reality. Most individuals depend on professionals for space design, given their limited ability to envision it themselves.

Interviewed people to learn about their interior product shopping experience

To understand the problems that people face while shopping for interior products online, I asked a specific group of friends who enjoy online shopping and decorating their spaces, along with some interior designers, to fill out a survey. After collecting their answers, I noted the key insights.

Survey Results 


User shopping online 


Users with problems

to visualize products


Returned products purchased online

Qualitative Interviews

To understand user challenges, I asked them a set of questions, and the interviews provided valuable insights .

Insight # 1 

Insight # 2

AR Tech Awareness Gap in Home Decor Apps

A significant portion of users is unaware of AR technology, and numerous home decor purchasing apps lack this feature.

Visualization Challenges

Many users find it challenging to visualize their space, even with available AR technology. Difficulty in matching and visualizing the overall look often leads to product returns, causing frustration


To have features that enables the  users design their space with multiple products simultaneously and giving them options to  customize their designs to match their house theme effortlessly.

Insight # 3

Design Saving Struggles

Users find it challenging to save their designs to show interior designers how they envision their space.


To provide users with  features to effortlessly save their designs, allowing them to review, edit, and showcase them to interior designers later on.

Connecting with our Audience: Lets meet Jane and Lisa

Analyzing the potential user of our problem would be the next step. I decided to have two types of personas: a common consumers and a professional Interior designer.

Jane : Student Who loves designing her space but struggles visualizing products into space. 

Lisa: Interior designers who spends multiple hours on 3d model but struggles to convince her clients .

Parameters to Solve this Problem 

One stop shop for interiors 

AR Technology



Pick & Drop Interactions

Interior Vista App: Design Sketch Highlights

LogIn & Landing Page 

AI Generated Designs

AI Suggestions 

Furniture and Decor

Paints and Saved items 

Cart and Checkout Page 


USP of Interio Vista App

An Integrated platform for a seamless design process.

All-in-One Empowerment: Design, customize, purchase, and effortlessly save designs for editing and customization anytime, anywhere

  • Decor

  • Customize

  • Purchase

Highlighting the Key Features 

Showcasing the app's key features that enhance interaction and functionality, making the space design process easy and engaging. Users can seamlessly design their space, interactively visualize changes, and purchase the same products. 

Easy Sign In 

Incorporating convenient sign-in options to simplifies the signing-in process.

AR Space Scanning Feature 

An AR app that utilizes the device's camera and sensors to assess and comprehend its physical surroundings, allowing precise overlay of digital content within that environment.

AR PARA 1.png

AI Generated Designs

An AR app that utilizes the device's camera and sensors to assess and comprehend its physical surroundings, allowing precise overlay of digital content within that environment.

Experience AI-Crafted Designs in Just Minutes!

Unlock AI-Enhanced Design Recommendations for a Smoother Workflow.

Paint Selection Made Easy: Simply Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop Features

Drag and place wall paints and furniture with ease in the Interio Vista app.

The convenience of selecting furniture and effortlessly placing it through drag-and-drop functionality

Furniture Selection

3D View

Visualize 3D objects and position them within your environment.

  •  Search Bar

Search For the products you want to purchase

The Core Features of the app is the ability to overlay digital content onto real world using device camera

Navigation Features 

  • Home page

  • Camera

  • Favorites

The "Favorites" function in an app offers users a convenient way to store and swiftly access their preferred content, items, or features for frequent use.

  • Add Feature

The 'Add Items' feature allows users to easily include new products or elements into their digital space or project which they have already saved

  • Save your Design

The 'Save Your Design' feature allows users to store and revisit their created design concepts for future reference or modification

  • Add to Cart 

The cart feature in an app allows users to collect and store items for future purchase in a virtual shopping cart.

  • Track Orders

The e-commerce order list feature in the app provides a comprehensive summary of all purchased items, their quantities, and order status for convenient tracking and management.

Peer Feedback

Outstanding work on the Interio vista app utilizing AR technology. Your in-depth understanding of user needs and creative application of AR has truly elevated the project. It's evident you've gone the extra mile to ensure an exceptional user experience. Well done!

 Eric Dorf

(Senior Lead ux designer at Google)

You've created a remarkable app of InterioVista that seamlessly blends the physical and virtual worlds through AR technology. 


(UX/UI designer at CoinFlip)

I'm eager to incorporate this app into my space design process, as I've struggled with visualizing my ideas. This app is a game-changer, making it much easier to see how products fit in my space and aiding in the design process. Kudos on the app


(CS Student)


  • By developing an interior app with AR technology, I gained valuable insights into the convergence of physical and digital spaces.

  • I learned how to create a bridge between the real world and virtual elements, allowing users to visualize and interact with interior designs in a new and immersive way.

  • This experience equipped me with the knowledge and skills to harness the potential of AR to enhance user experiences in the realm of interior design, ultimately opening up exciting possibilities for creating more engaging and interactive spaces.

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