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(Mobile |Web Design)

The Care Giver app is tailored to offer global support to seniors and those requiring assistance in daily tasks, while also combatting isolation and fostering connections within the community.

The Care Giver App

Project Overview

The Problem 

Nearly 18 million Senior citizen report that they need some assistance with daily chores. These people want to perform activities by their own, but fail to do so.

The Solution 

App tailored for senior citizen, enabling them to conveniently book appointments with care providers for daily chores. It also provides multiple features for Elders to interact with society & to combat loneliness.

Project Goal

Develop an app for easy 

Easy Searching
care givers  


Scheduling| Appointing
care givers


care givers 


Target Audience 

Senior Citizens 


Product Designer


8 weeks


Adobe XD | Illustrator

Researching the Demand for Senior Assistance Services

Two-thirds of seniors need help doing one or more daily activities. The study indicates that a significant portion of individuals aged 65 and older in the US require assistance with daily tasks like mobility, eating, bathing, and more. Moreover, many seniors grapple with feelings of loneliness and isolation, yearning for companionship, social engagement, and connections. 

To understand  the exact situation of seniors citizen who are seeking help I used assistance requirements of elderly data to develop interview questions,  then i  conducted 25 user interviews.

Empathy Map

Interview with Mrs. Shah 
Bay Area CA


Interview with Mr. Shah 
Bay Area CA



What challenges do you commonly encounter? What type of assistance do you need but currently lack?

Alexa Young, CA

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-23 at 1.01.30 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2023-08-23 at 1.01.30 PM.jpeg
Oh, I'm an elderly gentleman who faithfully accompanies my wife to the temple, but the struggle of pushing her wheelchair is daunting! If only there were a kind and Trustworthy soul to lend us a helping hand!

--- Ramnik

Morgan James, NY

My bones have considerably weakened, turning everyday tasks into challenges. Even cooking a meal has become quite a feat! I truly hope to receive the assistance I need for my daily chores!

--- Fatima

Lisa Driver, MI

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 5.31.51 PM.png
Due to my disability, interacting with the community has become a distant dream, leaving me feeling isolated and lonely! How wonderful it would be if someone could lend a hand and bring me to the heart of the community!

--- Melvin

Exploring User Needs: Uncovering Pain Points in Daily Chores Assistance and Addressing Loneliness

A significant portion of those surveyed conveyed feelings of isolation and an ongoing need for help in their daily tasks, underscoring the necessity for an assistance app that streamlines support for routine activities, addressing practical requirements while mitigating loneliness.


Of Surveyed seniors were were in need of Daily Assistance 


Of Surveyed seniors were Depressed  and  feeling Lonely 


Of Surveyed seniors were wanted to learn new skills and stay connected to community 

Crafting User Personas for Senior Citizens- Lets meet Seniors

To make user-focused choices, I aimed to deeply comprehend the senior citizens. Through analyzing empathy map patterns, I crafted a user persona embodying the people I'm designing for.

Brainstorming Session for Innovative Senior Assistance App

To start brainstorming, I employed mind mapping and conducted rapid successive 15-minute rounds for each HMW question, generating a variety of ideas. 

Empowering Elders: Project Goals

Following the brainstorming session, I generated numerous ideas to address the identified problems. Subsequently, I began formulating a strategy to identify the goals I intend to achieve and prioritize the most relevant solutions. 

User Goals 

  • To seek assistance  from reliable source for Daily activities 

  • To learn new skills and stay engaged 

  • To avoid loneliness and connect to the community 

 Project Goals 




  • To provide reliable assistance services to seniors for carrying out their daily activities 

  • To provide a platform for connecting and networking

  • To provide facilities and assistance for learning new skills for seniors 

Market Insight: Comparative Analysis

In order to identify areas of improvement and potential unique selling points I conducted Comparative analysis  to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each app.

Task Flow

In order to identify areas of improvement and potential unique selling points I conducted Comparative analysis  to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each app.

User Flow

Next, I aimed to comprehensively understand the users' entire app journey, from start to finish. I empathized with potential scenarios and paths to accomplish tasks. To do this, I created a user flow to immerse myself in their perspective.

Low-fidelity Wireframes-Sketches 

With a clear understanding of the user, our objectives, and the user's interactions with the app,I did a quick ideation exercise to come up with ideas for how to address gaps identified . My focus was specifically on app focused on serving to senior citizen and people who are in need.I accomplished this by creating low-fidelity wireframes through sketching.

Low-fidelity Prototype 

After ideating and drafting some paper wireframes, I created the initial designs for the Care Giver App.These designs focused on delivering personalized assistance and help  to users to help do their daily activities.

Easy access to all Services

Easy findings for helpers and schedule appointment

Easy booking of cultural activities helping them to participate and stay busy

Easy connect with people and not feeling “lonlely any more “

To prepare for usability testing, I created a low-fidelity prototype that connected the user flow of Scheduling the appointment for the  Helpers

A Usability Study for the Development of a Senior Assistance App

For usability testing, users were asked to share what they were doing, thinking, and feeling while interacting with the prototype and trying to complete the tasks given to them. I tested around the key tasks I identified earlier in the process, asking the user to browse the app and schedule an appointment with care givers.

Study type:

usability study


United States, remote


30-60 minutes


7 participants


  • Age range: 60+

  • Task Completion Rate: 95%

  • Error-Free Rate: 99.4%

Overall, the testing showed positive results, but there were distinct areas in which users did face difficulties.

Users who participated in usability test (Picture in Right is of Mr. Ramnik Shah)

Affinity Diagram


Seniors wanted to have filters for their options

Recurring booking

Seniors wanted to have recurring booking options

Tracking options

Seniors wanted to have 

track the helpers options

Filters and Customize Distance 

  • The app will provide adding filter options on the Home page for users to easily refine their preferences (e.g., cost, ratings).

  • Additionally, it will provide the capability to customize the proximity of helpers based on distance.

Before usability study

After  usability study


Recurring Booking Options

  • Additional design changes included having recurring booking options so that its is easy for the users to book the helpers for multiple days together .

Before usability study

After  usability study


Tracking Options

  • Further design enhancements encompassed incorporating tracking functionalities, enabling users to monitor their helpers during visits, while also facilitating the management of past and upcoming schedules.

After  Usability Study


Platform to Connect with the Community

  • To link seniors with the community, various features for booking and updates on cultural activities were introduced, promoting their participation and engagement.

  • Additionally, a networking platform was implemented, enabling them to connect with peers of their age, thus mitigating feelings of loneliness.


Confirm& Pay


High- Fidelity Prototype

The high-fidelity prototype followed the same user flow as the low-fidelity prototype, including design changes made after the usability study. 

View the care giver high-fidelity Mobile prototype

Accessibility Consideration


Clear labels for interactive elements that can be read by screen readers.


 Microphone Options designed for user-friendly handling and searching.


The home screen is designed with personalized help tabs to facilitate user navigation and clarify their main task or action.

Empowering Seniors: A Seamless Experience with the Caregiver App

Mr. & Mrs. Shah ( Bay area resident)


Users shared that the app made their life easy and active .One quote from Mr. Ramnik 

"The Care Giver app has simplified our lives by enabling convenient navigation and scheduling of care providers, liberating us from the need to rely solely on family or friends for assistance."

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-23 at 1.01.30 PM.jpeg

Crafting an Intuitive Site Map for Seamless Web Design

With the app designs completed, I started work on designing the responsive website. I used the care Giver sitemap to guide the organizational structure of each screen’s design to ensure a cohesive and consistent experience across devices.

Web High Fidelity Prototype

Responsive Design for Caregiver App Accessibility

The designs for screen size variation included mobile, tablet, and desktop. I optimized the designs to fit specific user needs of each device and screen size.

Positive Peer Feedback for Our Caregiver App

Alexa Young, CA

This app will make seniors get a lot of assistance to do daily chores easily and enable them to  connect to more people 
-- Nate

Morgan James, NY

The app streamlined the process of appointing a caregiver for assistance, making it incredibly convenient and valuable that the seniors will  not   experience loneliness.
-- Fred 
This app boasts excellent design and user-friendly navigation—fantastic job!
-- Likang

What I learned:

I learned that even though the problem I was trying to solve was a big one, diligently going through each step of the design process and aligning with specific user needs helped me come up with solutions that were both feasible and useful.

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