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Sync AI: Your Ultimate Workplace Solution


Product Designer


1 week


Figma/ Photoshop

Birth of Sync ai

For this opportunity, I had to work  with an Upwork client on urgent basis. The client had faced tremendous challenges in his past jobs in finding the right information for the projects he wished to pursue.

My client's vision was to design an innovative business collaboration tool, powered by AI, that can make onboarding and everyday work easier.

When I heard about this problem, I could very well relate to my experience at a startup, where everything was confusing. I didn't know where files were, who my colleagues were, or who to ask for help. With my firsthand experience of the problem at hand, I began my journey to design an intuitive and powerful business collaboration tool.


Challenges in Accessing Information & Collaboration

Many professionals, including startup founders, face challenges in accessing and organizing the necessary information for their projects, leading to inefficiencies and hindrances in project success.


One Stop Shop for Streamlined Information Access

An AI-powered business collaboration tool that enhances company efficiency in achieving business objectives.

Project Goals

Seemingly simple, but ambitious

Goal 1 : 

Collaborate with working professionals across different organizations to understand the challenges of business collaboration.

Goal 2 : 

Offer a solution for business collaboration by improving search and documentation of company operations.

Goal 3 : 

Provide way to leverage the power of AI to make decisions faster.

Goal 4 : 

Personalized responses tailored to users needs using Generative AI.

Key Insights from User Research

Learning about our users 

To understand the users, I distributed a survey to exiting and newly joined employees and managers within the company. Subsequently, I analyzed the responses using a card sorting exercise to identify common themes among the participants.


The employees faced difficulties in locating documents and files.


The new employees faced difficulties in onboarding and collaborating cross functionally 


Managers struggled to uphold company privacy and monitor AI usage.

Challenges of Team Collaboration and Task Management

Poor team collaboration can become a barrier to an organization’s success.

Managing multiple tasks can be difficult, especially when you have many happening simultaneously for an organization. Without a system, it is impossible to assign, prioritize, manage, or complete tasks on time and deliver within the budgets.

Top-down Decisions 

Staff wants and Company goals 

Many professionals, including startup founders, face challenges in accessing and organizing the necessary information for their projects, leading to inefficiencies and hindrances in project success.

Result 1 : 

Designs Features that can help the employees to find the documents and file easily 

Result 2 : 

Offer a  design solution for business cross functional collaboration 

Result 3 : 

Since many employees utilized AI/chat GPT, preserving company privacy became vital. Managers required tools to oversee and regulate employee AI usage, including limiting access to applications that might compromise company privacy. 


Meet Amy and Pamela

Analyzing the potential user of our problem would be the next step. I decided to have two types of personas: business employee and Manager 

 Business employee


Site Map 

Information Architecture: Defining user flow

By analyzing user needs, I refined the information architecture (IA) and designed the user flow.

From findings to features 

Login with Okta

Effortlessly log in using Okta with your work email and  start with the personalized and user-friendly experience.

Home Screen with AI populated Tiles

The Home screen, powered by AI, displays the most recent collaboration tools, simplifying the management of meeting links and enabling quick access within minutes.

Company & Global Search

Unlock your skill enhancement through Sync AI's features. Explore AI-generated tiles for automatic selection, ask AI for valuable knowledge, and utilize the Company Search to search anything about the company.


Easily search for your hobbies, upscale your skills with Sync AI. Gain personalized tips to enhance your interests and hobbies.

Directory feature

A solution for cross-functional business collaboration that facilitates the discovery of people and enables users to search for individuals and understand their hierarchy within the organization.

Effortless Document Access

Gain easy access to trending documents and your recently used files with seamless efficiency.

Application shortcuts

Frequently used apps are now effortlessly accessible through Sync AI, eliminating the hassle of navigating through different platforms. Access everything from one centralized location for a seamless experience.

Additional features for Managers  


 Managers will gain an overview of AI usage throughout the company and understand how AI contributes to company progress.

Advanced AI Oversight and Control

Managers have an admin view for monitoring employee conversations with AI, access to admin analytics, and the ability to delete or overwrite GPT knowledge bases of anyone within the organization.

Blocked Applications

Managers can effortlessly block applications that could harm the privacy of the company and prevent employees from using them. They can also ensure that AI does not retrieve information from those restricted application sources.

What I learned 


I prioritized user-driven design features, implemented within short timelines, and developed a strategic MVP launch plan, effectively managing out-of-scope requests for timely, quality delivery.

User-Centric Design

Putting users first is paramount, and focusing on understanding their needs and experiences to create designs that truly resonate with them is always a top priority.

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