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Startupsphere: Your partner in crafting strategic Business plans with AI .

Startupsphere helps create personalized business plans, marketing strategies, and financial forecasts crafted by AI,  helping startups succeed.


Product Designer


5 weeks


Figma/ Photoshop


I had the opportunity to work with Michael Yap, CEO of Univenturestudio. They've developed a suite of AI-based apps and one of them is for startups to create business plans. Michael tasked me with designing two new features: a marketplace for investors and users to view and invest in business plans. Also, design a dashboard for startups to monitor their business performance to manage the privacy of their plans.

Design Challenge

Design a Marketplace & Dashboard 

Challenge 1 :  To create a marketplace for investors, allowing them to pledge money towards innovative businesses. 

Challenge 2 : To design a dashboard for startups to monitor and publish their business initiatives, with the option to keep it either public or private.


Innovative Marketplace & Real-Time Dashboard Solution

Tackling the above design challenges, I came up with a custom tailor-made marketplace that is easy to use and intuitive for investors to contribute funds to the ideas that they loved the most!


It also provides startups with a platform to manage business initiatives and publicize them to gain attention and potential investments.

Competitive Analysis  

Learning's from our Competitors

To gain insight into the visual designs of marketplaces, I conducted research on multiple web apps which were recommended by the client to explore the most effective approaches to marketplace designs .

Insights and Client Requirement

Insight 1:

Search filters

Client wanted to have filters in similar pattern for easy finding of business plans  

Insight 2:

Missing Pledge Options on Product Cards

The client desired the business card layout to include pledging options.

Insight 3:

Business Description

Client requested a business description layout featuring business details and subscription and pledging options.

Insight 4:

Business Overview

The client sought a comprehensive business overview for investors to review, enabling them to understand the business performance and make informed investment decisions

Site Map

Defining user flow for Investors

By analyzing user needs, I refined the information architecture (IA) and designed the user flow for investors.

Crafting Solutions for Client Needs

Enhancements to Product

This was the original screen (home page) of the product, where the AI creates business plans for startups and businesses. I added two new features to the navigation bar: 'Discover' and 'Dashboard,' which would be rendered based on following permissions of the user.

  • A potential investor would see the newly added 'Discover' section

  • The Startups who have published the business initiatives, would see both 'Discover' and 'Dashboard' sections.

Brainstorming- Search Filter

Enhancing User Navigation

During this project, I noticed the need for improved user navigation. I brainstormed and categorized our business plans into specific parameters for search filters. (Example - Similar to organizing a library, this allows users to easily find what they need). Clear labels ensure a seamless browsing experience, helping users find the right business plan effortlessly.

Search Filter design

Streamlining Business Plan Discover

Enhancing the investor experience by providing efficient tools to search, filter and identify the most suitable business plans for investment.

Brainstorming-Business plan cards

Attention to Micro-Level Details

Designing the business plan card was a critical part of the project. It needed to be informative yet engaging to attract customers.

I focused on crafting a card that served its purpose well: providing essential business details while captivating users' interest. I delved into the micro-level details, carefully deciding how to structure the card to ensure ease of understanding. This approach aimed to make it effortless for users to explore the business and take action, whether pledging or accessing more details.

Brainstorming-Business plan cards

Crafting Engaging Business Plan Cards

Here, I solved the challenge of getting users to pledge for businesses. A contribution button was added and showed pledge amounts for easy access to important details.

Our aim was to make it engaging, so I introduced a tracker and 'Most Popular' tag, making the process fun and user-friendly.


With this feature, investors could easily track the total pledged amount and popularity of a business plan.

Tags and Amount to view the business plan

Options to like, share & save the business plan

Basic info of the business 

Options to contribute & View business details 

Pledge Tracker 

Paywall Solution for Business Card Viewing

The client wanted some business cards to be paid to view, and my design challenge was figuring out how to implement it. So, I came up with a solution: a popup asking users to pay when they clicked on a card. It guided them to the payment screen, and after payment, they could visit the business details page to view the content.

AI-Generated Business Details

The purpose of this screen was to enable investors to easily view essential details about the business, including their vision and mission. These details were generated by AI and presented in the form of tiles for quick and convenient access.

Innovative Payment Solutions

In this design, the task was to create a payment interface for both pledge amounts and subscriptions. Regarding subscriptions, I proposed an option to the client where users could choose subscription plans. However, the client preferred users to input the subscription amount themselves, without obligating them to pay a specific sum.

Option provided for selecting subscription plans

Site map - Dashboard 

Defining user flow for Startups

Created a user pathway to grasp how startup owners will use the dashboard, and also devised the dashboard content to enhance its ease of navigation and functionality.

Enhancing Startup Dashboard

The client desired a dashboard for startups to conveniently view their business plans that they had generated using startupsphere, and manage privacy settings for them.

My challenge was to create this feature intuitive to the user. I designed a toggle for managing plan privacy (public or private) and created a popup modal to assist startups in setting their target amount when making plans public, ensuring investors know the intended pledge goal.


Once public, this business plan would automatically get available to invest on marketplace.

Backbone of my prototype Design system & styles  Details

Since the company was a startup, they lacked a consistent design system and established styles for their product. Recognizing this gap, I undertook the responsibility of developing a design system and defining a style. With a keen focus on the company's brand identity, my aim was to ensure uniformity and coherence across the entire product.

Color Styles




Client Feedback & Reviews

CEO of Univenture studio

Micheal Yap

"Vidhi is one of the most professional UX/UI Figma designers we've worked with. Clear on the task, great communication, and professional work. We loved her work and enjoyed collaborating with her. "

What I learned 

Resourcefulness: Startups may have limited resources compared to larger companies. This has taught me to be resourceful and creative in finding solutions that deliver maximum impact within constraints.

Ensure precision in your designs: Pay attention to padding and margins. Without specific values, developers may struggle. I've learned to eliminate guesswork and create designs that are pixel-perfect.

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